Solutions, treatment and enhancement of Manure, Stables, Chicken Houses, Pig enclosures and other facilities housing animals.The handling of animal excrement comes with a set of problems in the form of odours, pests like flies, transportation and other health and environmental issues.

Our bacterial Major Manure is a biological Augmentation product used in the treatment of chicken, cow and pig manure. When composting Manure Major manure will drastically reduce, odours, pests like flies,ammonia and time needed for composting.

When using in pig manure slurry pits, Major Manure will drastically reduce, odours, pests like flies, bottom and surface solids, COD and BOD.

Our bacterial Major Mortality will drastically reduce, time needed to break down animal carcasses, odours and pests like flies.

If the plant or soil becomes stressed, the photosynthetic bacteria will restore the plant as well as the soil back to healthy condition. This restoration allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and water. The plants are heartier, healthier and are more resistant to pathogens and disease.