• Livestock ,Manure: Solutions, treatment and enhancement of Manure, Stables, Chicken Houses, Pig enclosures and other facilities housing animals.

The handling of animal excrement comes with a set of problems in the form of odours, pests like flies, transportation and other health and environmental issues.


Our bacterial consortium ensures:

poultryOdour reduction caused by ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, pests reduction, manure liquefaction, increases effectivity due to nitrogen and carbon fixation, controls manure nutrient runoff, enhance manure value into an organic fertilizer and compost for reuse. The solution will reduce the risk mortality of animals, increase health of workers and keep good workplace environment as well as good quality of production.

  • Soil treatment and Crops yield enhancement

Bio Augmentation process is essential for the soil and crops, and the effects of our beneficial bacterial which do not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) or NPKs (traditional chemical fertilizers)is very important for the final harvest.

Our bacterial consortium ensures the effective yield of 30- 50% yield increase, plant and roots health, drought resistance, reduce use of fertilizers, breakdown fertilizers to bio available levels, nitrogen and carbon fixation on the soil, increase parasite resistance and increase sugar content.

Containing no Ni, P or K thus; cannot burn plants. With Quantum Growth, plants don’t have to work as hard to feed themselves and the organisms that they host – and can then concentrate on increased root mass and plant growth. All other biological products on the market are spore formers.

If the plant or soil becomes stressed, the photosynthetic bacteria will restore the plant as well as the soil back to healthy condition. This restoration allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and water. The plants are heartier, healthier and are more resistant to pathogens and disease.