Microbe Water Solutions

What we do.

Restoring the ecosystem back to natural, organic and biological form. Our company is a division of Microbe Water Solutions Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Microbe Africa. We are a team of experts with a diverse and extensive background in Microbiological Solutions. We offer Bio Augmentation treatment and application on soil remediation, crop yield enhanc…

Water Services

Treatment, Recycling, Purification, Remediation, Enhancing dams and rivers water quality to specified standards, enhancing quality for human health and irrigation benefits. Our biological product neutralizes any of the pollutants commonly found in industrial waste water, it will degrade ammonia, nitrites and denitrify nitrates to harmless….


Livestock and manure, Soil treatment and crop yield enhancements. Our bacterial consortium ensures the effective yield of 30- 50% yield increase, plant and roots health, drought resistance, reduce use of fertilizers, breakdown fertilizers to bio available levels, nitrogen and carbon fixation on the soil, increase parasite resistance and increase sugar content.

Septic tanks and grease traps

Grease traps have long been used in restaurants and food processing plants to prevent fats, oils and grease (FOG) from entering the septic tank and, eventually, the drainfield or sewer system. When properly serviced and maintained, they are very effective at reducing FOG levels in the system. Are they a candidate for residential septic systems?

Desludging and remediation

Desludge is a natural bi-product for many industries, including industrial wastewater treatment or sewage treatment plants, and is one which has the capacity to cause delays in production. At Microbe Africa we utilize an innovative range of sludge harvesting and processing technologies as part of our complete waste management solution using bacteria. Colonies of bacteria are literally factories for the production of enzymes.